A Gigantic Ocean Mine Threatens Baja California

I’m amazed to discover it’s been three months since I posted anything here. While that doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t been writing…it does mean I’ve been writing very little – a poem here, a few hundred words in my memoir there, and several lame-duck attempts at writing a blog post that never took off. Recently, however, I was spurred on by both the desire to do something about an environmental disaster-waiting-to-happen and the promise of some coinage in return for my words. Below you’ll find a link to the resulting article about a deep sea phosphate mining operation proposed for just off the coast of Baja California. Like the title says:

“A Project of this Magnitude has Never Been Undertaken on Earth.”


Photo courtesy of Dr. Urmas Kaldveer

Please take the time to sign the petition linked to at the bottom of the article and share it on all your social media links. Thanks and Happy Holidays to you all!