Symbicort and COVID-19: A Dangerous Combination?

Symbicort and COVID-19. Symbicort is being used to treat COVID-19, but is it safe?

Here is the latest in the ongoing saga of health issues I’ve had this month. Thank you to Jennifer Margulis for providing a forum to share these stories so that they get wider dissemination than I could accomplish on my little blog here on WordPress.

Chasing the effects of Symbicort and COVID-19 as my illness moves into its third week

By Dawn Pier
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Nineteen days ago, I got sick with what was probably COVID-19. You can read that story here. I’ve been quarantined, alone out in the countryside, living in a solar-powered beach house off-the-grid for twelve days now. I’ve also been taking Symbicort, which has created a combustible mix of other problems. Between Symbicort and COVID-19, I’m not sure what’s causing what.

Self-quarantine worked out reasonably well for me. I have internet, so I can keep working. Friends have dropped essentials off at the gate or outside the house, like green apples, bone broth, and vegetables, taking care not to come too close.

Four days ago I really felt like I was on the mend. The hacking cough I had when I first got sick was gone, which I attributed in part to the inhaler of Symbicort my doctor prescribed at double the dose (two puffs two times daily).

I did notice though that my tongue didn’t feel normal and my sense of taste was “off.” 

Nothing tasted good, not even the homemade organic whole wheat bread I’d made or the red wine a friend gave me. 

I poured myself a small glass as a treat to go with the bread. It tasted so bad that I was pretty sure it had gone off. 

Symptoms of COVID-19 or something else?

Friends told me that loss of taste was another COVID-19 symptom. 

I was having other symptoms: nerve twitches, cramps in my feet, and general muscle weakness and fatigue. I attributed all of this to the virus. I didn’t even consider Symbicort and COVID-19, or one and not the other could be at work within my system.

But as the days rolled by, I started to wonder when I was going to feel truly “well” again. 

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I Am Baja’s First Covid-19 Case…or Am I?

This is the Secretary of Health flyer I received from a client. It reads “As of today, Baja California Sur is free of the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and we want to keep it that way!” Below the list of symptoms is says “If you have any of these symptoms and traveled to China or were in contact with a person with this illness, report it immediately…” China?? Really? We are way beyond that!

Two weeks ago I got sick. Really sick. I explain my journey HERE in an article the science journalist Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D. asked me to write about my experience trying to get tested for the virus. Jennifer is an investigative journalist, author, and a Fulbright scholar. She’s also very humble and doesn’t mention on her bio that she comes by her investigative tenacity and brilliance honestly – her mother was Lynn Margulis, Ph.D., recipient of the National Medal of Science, among many other accolades and a true rebel among women scientists in her day. In her work, Jennifer advocates for safer medicine, in particular for children and families. She’s authored several books and writes for major publications. I’m honored to be included among the authors she’s invited to write for her website.

I’m on Day 5 of doctor-ordered quarantine, out in the country well away from San Jose del Cabo where I’ve been living since November (so I can do my work as a real estate advisor more effectively, plus the house on the East Cape is in escrow, so my days of living there are numbered). I’m getting work done and trying to rest (I’m not very good at that it turns out) and also taking advantage of this alone time to work on my memoir. Yes, it’s still in progress, slow though that may be. Perhaps this is the opportunity I need to get a chunk of it DONE!!

Stay well everyone. Keep practicing that social distancing thing and know that if you are young and relatively healthy, you have nothing to fear, but let’s be vigilant in avoiding transmission for those who are immune-compromised or elderly. I’ll be back here again soon with more updates.

Peace out.

Here’s the link to my article on Jennifer’s website, in case you missed it up top.