Guest Blogger for “The Idolbuster”

While attending the San Francisco Writers Conference I had the great pleasure to meet many interesting and motivated writers from the world over. In a blogging workshop at the end of the conference, I met Greg Marcus, a native of Syracuse, NY living in the Bay Area. Greg has an impressive resume that includes such iconic academic institutions as MIT and Stanford and time working in the biotech industry in genome-related research.  More impressive than his PhD from MIT however, is the fact that Greg left the biotech world when, in his words, “I realized that my company, and not my family, was the highest priority in my life.” On his website, The Idolbuster, Greg describes himself as a modern day Abraham who smashes corporate idols to help the chronically overworked find a more fulfilling life.

Having left the rat race to follow my dream to learn to surf, Greg’s story resonated with me. Our conversation turned to my history during which I related my discovery that I was suffering from an illness that was likely the result of the stress of working a 70 hour work week and participating in the scientific rat race. That’s when Greg honored me with a request to write a guest post for his blog about my experience.

Here is the link to that post:  Click on over!