Cathartic Purgation

Cathartic Purgation. This term was first seen in a botanical book describing the effect on a person of eating a specific plant. Curious as to it’s exact meaning, the glossary was sought.

Purgation: The act or process of discharging bodily wastes or foreign substances.
Cathartic: A substance that purifies.

A more literal definition: The act of clearing the bowels and small intestines of all solid matter in an explosive fashion.

With this, it is understood to be an exhausting and invigorating process. It is not until today that the right energy is attained to write about the colon/liver/gallbladder cleanse.

The cleansing period began on Monday. The vegetarian diet was followed as always, but now apple juice was made from Red Delicious apples and about 36 ounces were drunk each day. Along with the Super Colon Cleanse pills mentioned in the previous post. And the usual regimen of good quality USANA vitamins. An attempt was made to eat less overall, eliminate white flour and other refined foods, caffeinated beverages and all dairy.

The attempt was semi successful. The first two days the overall feeling was of tiredness. And sleep was very deep. The Super Colon Cleanse pills meant the bathroom was the most popular room. A sensation that maybe toxins in the system were being released by the special diet and the bentonite clay in the pills.

On the third and fourth day, the feeling changed. There was energy to burn! Clean energy, not like the energy from coffee. A clean, powerful energy and increased flexibility. Yoga was fun and full of grace. Meditation clearer, calm found more quickly.

On the fifth day, it was noticed that the body was tired of the apple juice. Some was forced down anyway. A very light breakfast of one green apple and a fist-sized bowl of whole grain oatmeal. No pills of any type.

The house was cleaned furiously and this kept the mind off the stomach. The metaphor of the clean house for the body was not overlooked.

At 2pm no more food was taken by mouth. And no more drink.

At 6pm the first in a series of four epsom salts drinks was consumed. This is a mixture of epsom salts and apple juice. It tastes quite unpleasant even with the help of the juice. And again at 8pm this nasty concoction was consumed. At 10pm, standing next to the bed, a mixture of olive oil and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice was shaken vigorously before being swallowed quickly. The grapefruit juice does an amazing job of emulsifying the oil and the whole mixture was actually very palatable. Two melatonin tablets were taken to help attain the state of sleep.

Instructions said to lie down in bed flat on the back immediately. That was done. And then the wait. For sleep. Which did not come for well over an hour. And when it did come, it left very quickly. A rude awakening accompanied by a sensation of nausea…and of a stomach very full. Laying on the back is not the natural way to sleep. Tossing and turning began, making the nausea worse.

Somehow real sleep is attained.

Awake and aware of sensations in the intestines. Still nauseated. Wondering if a significant mistake has been made. Many trips to the loo began. Cathartic purgation ensued.

Results. Large balls of hard bile, many small balls and hard yellow gravelly looking pieces of what was said in the literature to be cholesterol. They are presented here for your entertainment.

The large balls were cut in half and at the center of some resided a strange flat white thing. What are these? They could be a parasite from the liver. A liver fluke perhaps. It is decided that a parasite cleanse is necessary and some Paragon is ordered. Paragon = natural herbal parasitide.

Throughout the day more interesting things are observed. More parasites. And much cholesterol that looks like wheat chaff. A feeling of exhaustion from the purgation begins to take hold. Some time is spent resting in the sun. Vitamin D!

Midday some juice is consumed and very slowly over the course of the afternoon food is reintroduced. Only fruits and vegetables and some coconut oil to keep the bile moving. Very small quantities of food. A strange feeling of fullness in the area of the liver starts.

That night, as sleep was attempted, the fullness in the liver turned to slight pain. The next day the source of the pain is realized. More stones have passed! Large ones! Telling us more cleansing is required. We understand now how well the epsom salts have worked to open up and relax ducts so the first stones could pass without pain.

The end result, two days later, is a feeling of overall increased health. Greater understanding of the body and what it needs. A desire to eat healthier and not to consume alcohol.

Taking responsibility for our individual health instead of waiting for disease to take hold is not the typical approach to health taken. Instead of being irresponsible with this one body and then expecting the medical institution to produce a magic bullet and cure. Realizing that the North American diet is killing friends, family and strangers alike. Reducing the quality of life for even more. Processed foods have no life in them. To the contrary they KILL. We are the product of millennia of eating roots, nuts & berries and, on occasion, animal protein. What makes us think we can get away with eating two pounds of animal protein, three pounds of sugar and processed flour every day?

The next step in the series of bodily spring cleaning will be the removal of mercury-containing tooth fillings. Check back here for details!


A wonderful source of information on the politics of food and healthcare and how you can take responsibility for your health is Dr. Tim O’Shea’s web site The Doctor Within.

Just Desserts

A reward can take many forms. But at the end of a long day of hard work, it is the reward that makes it all worth it. We’re talking about the reward beyond that of a job well done, a clean house, weeded garden or report completed. The reward of a good meal and maybe a nice glass of red wine.

Most things are done for a reward. Whether its exercise, eating right, getting up in the morning, most of us wouldn’t do these things if it wasn’t for the rewards realized.

Today however is different. There will be no happy ending of a good meal and glass of red. In fact there will be no dinner at all. And there’s been no red for almost a week. In fact, it’s starting to feel rather impoverished around here.

The red has been replaced with copious amounts of freshly pressed apple juice. Red Delicious apples washed and cut and put through the juicer. Apples and more apples. At least 55 of them. The juice pours forth, pink at first but quickly turning a disturbing color of brown as it oxidizes. It’s so sweet that it is necessary to combine it with water to reduce the sugar rush and taxation on the system. [Maybe it should be called Barry juice!]

Normal eating has been replaced by meals of freshly juiced vegetables or brown rice and steamed vegetables. All in modest quantities. It is amazing how filling vegetable juice can be. Bokchoy, beets, celery, carrots and a bit more apple for taste.

Special Super Colon Cleansing pills are popped. Too many at first and lessons are learned the hard way. Whoa! Back off those puppies. From four three times a day, like it says on the label, it is necessary to cut back to one and then two pills three times a day. Much better. Less urgency.

For five days a vegan diet and a lot of apple juice. A lot of a lot of apple juice. The malic acid in the apples, which is absent in pasteurized apple juice bought in the store, works its magic. Things start to soften and dissolve.

Stones, Gall Stones.

There has been no diagnosis, however experience and research indicates that we are all a little bit full of stones (among other things). 90% of people have a significant number of gallstones choking up their livers. Making them less than 100% healthy.

It is the job of the liver to make bile, as much as 1.5 liters per day. The liver is full of tubes that deliver the bile to a larger tube known as the common bile duct. The gallbladder is attached to the common bile duct and acts as a storage reservoir. Eating fat or protein triggers the gallbladder to squeeze itself empty after about twenty minutes, and the stored bile finishes its trip down the common bile duct to the intestine.

It is not clear why we get gall stones. The stones, which are actually pretty soft to start out, congest the liver and the gallbladder and make them unable to do their job properly. The result is disease.

Indigestion. Allergies, back pain, arthritis, bowel inflammatory diseases and dreaded cancers.

Possibly heart disease. The word cholesterol originates from the Greek words chole, meaning bile, and stereos meaning solid. So cholesterol is in actuality “solid bile”. Maybe the millions of people taking statin drugs for their elevated cholesterol just need a good liver flushing!

Avoidance of these unpleasant symptoms and disease drives the current activities. Fasting, drinking epsom salts, spending copious amounts of time in the bathroom. The reward will be, it is hoped, good health. And likely more material for this blog. With pictures perhaps. Ah ha! You’re curiosity is stoked, isn’t it?

Now a glass of apple juice & epsom salts for dinner. Yum!


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