I Am Baja’s First Covid-19 Case…or Am I?

This is the Secretary of Health flyer I received from a client. It reads “As of today, Baja California Sur is free of the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and we want to keep it that way!” Below the list of symptoms is says “If you have any of these symptoms and traveled to China or were in contact with a person with this illness, report it immediately…” China?? Really? We are way beyond that!

Two weeks ago I got sick. Really sick. I explain my journey HERE in an article the science journalist Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D. asked me to write about my experience trying to get tested for the virus. Jennifer is an investigative journalist, author, and a Fulbright scholar. She’s also very humble and doesn’t mention on her bio that she comes by her investigative tenacity and brilliance honestly – her mother was Lynn Margulis, Ph.D., recipient of the National Medal of Science, among many other accolades and a true rebel among women scientists in her day. In her work, Jennifer advocates for safer medicine, in particular for children and families. She’s authored several books and writes for major publications. I’m honored to be included among the authors she’s invited to write for her website.

I’m on Day 5 of doctor-ordered quarantine, out in the country well away from San Jose del Cabo where I’ve been living since November (so I can do my work as a real estate advisor more effectively, plus the house on the East Cape is in escrow, so my days of living there are numbered). I’m getting work done and trying to rest (I’m not very good at that it turns out) and also taking advantage of this alone time to work on my memoir. Yes, it’s still in progress, slow though that may be. Perhaps this is the opportunity I need to get a chunk of it DONE!!

Stay well everyone. Keep practicing that social distancing thing and know that if you are young and relatively healthy, you have nothing to fear, but let’s be vigilant in avoiding transmission for those who are immune-compromised or elderly. I’ll be back here again soon with more updates.

Peace out.

Here’s the link to my article on Jennifer’s website, in case you missed it up top. https://jennifermargulis.net/bajas-first-covid-19-case/

12 thoughts on “I Am Baja’s First Covid-19 Case…or Am I?

  1. Hi Dawn…
    3 years ago, I met you south of Los Barrillos. Red headed guy from Los Angeles. Wanted to rent one of your 2 homes to the south. I’m the fisherman that FISHED from the kayak or long board. Drove to Los Barrillos in a 2 door Acura, know you remember me, we spoke several times as I tried to negotiate a better deal on your rental. You had the front ocean view home and rented the back house to the west. It had a structure CLOSE by with a water tank on the roof. How many dogs do you have? 5 ?

    I stayed 30 days via Airbnb on the dunes north of you where the 3 flags blew in the wind on the dirt road to refuel. I rented the octagon home. Had 2 long chats with you. I ended up renting a huge home in Ensenada. Been here for 2 years now in El Saulal at a gorgeous community called “Colinas Del Sauzal”. I am grateful to have met you as you are super intelligent and a great surfer!

    Just wanted to say, thanks for making difference. Baja needs you! Get well soon.
    Last week… I went to El Trailero Taco north of Ensenada against my better judgement.
    An American couple came up to me asking for advice to get to the border fast. Told them to use uber, cross da bridge and rehire another uber. Guess they were seeking immediately medical attention.

    I got sick 48 hours later after that encounter. I was trying to be helpful as they were looking for an American to get friendly advice. Moral of the story, keep ur distance, stay hygienic and dont let you guard down. Since then, 10 days of self quarantine.

    I remember you like it was yesterday. You were very generous and kinde to me. Beautiful too!
    Once again, thank you for your comments and contributions to the water world south of the border

    Hate to see you go!
    Brad, the pro fisherman in El Sauzal, north of Ensenada a few clicks.
    B rad
    Brad in Ensenada

    • Hi Brad,
      Great to hear from you! Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience as well. Sounds like you’ve been seeing a lot of the peninsula. Lucky you!! And no worries, I’m not going anywhere!! Love it here too much.

      • Dawn
        Thank you for responding.
        Appreciate it.
        Been gargling salt water and Vodka for days.
        Feel better. Staying home, isolated, or fishing in the surf for halibut at Playa Hermosa, back of Home Depot in Ensenada.

        At least there’s no contact with others if I’m wading in the surf casting for linguado.
        Best, Brad in Ensenada.

  2. Hi Dawn,

    Wow that is a real eye opener! Thanks for telling your story, and I hope you recover, with no long term effects…. Whatever the diagnosis is.

    So onto the next chapter in your life, in a new location soon.

    Stay safe!

    Georgie Hunter R(S) Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers 808 283-0635 info@mauihunter.com


    • Good to hear from you Georgie!
      I’m not leaving, just going down the beach a ways. Love this place too much to leave. I hope you and the gang are all well (including four-leggers in there of course). Maybe one of these days we can do some referral business together! Best wishes!

  3. Mahalo for this. The Mayor of Honolulu just closed our beach parks so no surfing by paddling out. But I have my jet ski so I will just anchor outside & paddle in.
    Take care,
    Chris in Hawaii

  4. Thanks for sharing your ordeal with us. Wow! Yes, getting information is so hard & so many mistakes going on that it creates another layer of unease, anxiety & leading to more fear…
    Take good care & sending Big Love to you my dear! 💜😘🥰

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