Gopher_CaddyshackI’m guessing you’ve heard the expression, “She’s suffering from verbal diarrhea.” I certainly have! That being situation normal where I am concerned, for the past two months I’ve been uncharacteristically down with a serious case of verbal constipation. Nevertheless, I thought I’d pop (yes, pop, still not pooping many words here) my head up to say hello and let you know that I’m alive and, for the most part, well, but struggling to write much of anything these days. The little bit I’ve been doing has focused on poetry, probably because of the typically succinct nature of the form. And I’m reticent to share my poetry here because it’s even more revealing than my most exhibitionist blog.

There are a multitude of reasons for the long hiatus. Life has been anything but stultifying. In fact, it’s been chaotic, hectic, full, wonderful, challenging, exciting, wild, turbulent, emotional, exhausting, titillating, and exuberant. And that just describes my surf sessions!

Recently however, some pressure was applied to the gaping wound that is my writing productivity by the talented and charming author Katrina Hodge Willis when she chose me as one of three bloggers to participate in the Writer’s Write bog hop. Yeah, I didn’t know what a blog hop was either, but just enter the key words “writers write” into a search and a multitude of blogs will appear that will answer your question. It’s basically a pyramid scam to get people to contribute content to a topic. That invitation came almost three weeks ago. Yes, the irony of my contributing to a blog series called “Writers Write” is not lost on me.

I’ve had plenty other things to write about here over the past two months, but for some reason, I stopped short of sharing. Some things, like being interviewed on a poetry and technology radio show, seemed too immodest. Other happenings were too personal and involved other people I’m pretty sure would rather remain anonymous. Same goes for a surf break I visited that I wish was still anonymous in the surf world – it’s already overrun with southern Californians and I don’t want something I write here to further contribute to the crowds. But the main reason I haven’t put anything down here, is because I have not felt inspired to do so. None of the aforementioned topics really got me excited enough. So maybe I’m a little off, a little down, a little unsure, and a whole lot human in my reticence to put it all out there for public consumption. I’m pretty sure, however, that it’s a passing phase and I’ll be over-sharing once again before you know it. But for the time being, I’m tucking back into my underground lair to return only if and when the muse chooses to speak to me.

11 thoughts on “Gophering

  1. i recently heard this statement & it rings very loud for me & maybe for you as well. In silence we create a space for love.You know this–you experience this—it is o.k.!!! We have 2 ears & 1 mouth–must be twice as important to listen is what I get!! You matter–the fact that you are here is proof!! Your life is a canvas & a beautiful piece of art—Silence is God’s only voice my dear friend.

  2. HI Dawn
    Every time I pull up your blog and see that photo of the early morning ocean – I am overwhelmed with what a special place you live in. All the smells, the warms of the land, the feeling of utter calmness, all come rushing back. It is truly a world heritage site for me!! I cringe when I think of young Southern California grommets emotionally raping the land, or even the thought of ‘big business’ trying to develop it. I fear that one day all that will only be a memory. I read something a while back about how a young Pat Curren (old famous surfer) used to camp in the jungles of Waikiki Beach 80 years ago or so – and enjoy a completely empty line-up for months a time. The world may never know the specialness of the East Cape, and one day it will be too late – just like Waikiki! The years must meld into a blur for you, sort of like the fence posts for a little kid looking out the window as his parents drive a lonely country road. But I truly believe those fence post will produce the next great American Novel (Canadian Novel :). You live in the land of violet hummingbirds and turquoise reflections 🙂

    (geez, I don’t know what got into me this morning – I think I am up too early; talk soon)
    (have you ever read a book by Dan Duane call ‘Caught inside’

    • Thanks so much for commenting Mike. I agree with you – SUCH A SPECIAL PLACE!! And yes, I read Caught Inside many years ago and loved it. Thanks for much for the beautiful fence-post metaphor…a book will be born one day. Just so hard to know when. Life gets in the way sometimes, ya know? The house is here for you and Karen to come and visit. Life is short…don’t work so hard!!

    • Dear Mike,
      I am remiss in not replying to this beautiful comment before now. I think perhaps I was overwhelmed by all that you wrote. I am aware every day of how incredibly fortunate I am to live where I live and how I live. More so now that I am working a job that requires that I show up semi-regularly (yeah, no 9 to 5 for me…hopefully ever!) and with the increased knowledge of proposed developments and hotels for the region that comes with that new position. I can see the changes happening all around me and it induces in me the desire to live every moment to the fullest, to appreciate every uncrowded or solo surf session because they will likely be a thing of the past before too long. I hear the surfers who have been here longer than I lamenting the changes that have already come to pass, but in so doing they seem to have forgotten to be grateful for the time they had here in the “good ol’ days” and for being here now when we can still catch time in the water solo or with relatively few people out. After spending the first 32 years of my life oblivious to this lifestyle, climate, and geography, gratitude for the time I get to spend here comes to me relatively easily.
      Thanks again for your encouragement and insight into how good I have it.

      • Hmmm, seems I did reply already. Not sure where that reply was 10 min ago!! Oh well, your comment deserves a couple of responses!! ha ha!

      • Hi Dawn
        Thx for replying again, feel free to reply again if you like. I’ll keep re-replying. :).
        I visit a couple of live video sites down in Cabo and saw the freak storm that washed ashore yesterday. We were down there this month 2 years ago but no storm for us back then. Must have been interesting. Would have loved to of seen it. We can’t wait to come down. Caught up in a lot of work these days. Soon hopefully. Say hi to Peanut Butter. I hope your well

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