Meet One of My Heroines: Annie Doyle


Photo by Mike Doyle

This is a quicky post to share a blog I wrote for about a local female athlete whom I admire tremendously.

Annie Doyle may be married to Mike the legendary surfer, but she’s a pretty amazing athlete in her own right. Furthermore, she is so passionate about life and surfing her enthusiasm is infectious. I love surfing and kiting with her and her hubbie – we laugh our butts off and I learn so much from Mike. Sometimes at the end of the day we break down our kiting gear and, instead of heading home, the tequila and ukuleles appear and a party breaks out right there on the beach. Annie and Mike really know how to enjoy life to the fullest!

Kiting with friends - Annie far right, me on the left.

Kiting with friends – Annie far right, me on the left. Photo by Mike Doyle


Selfie of the Doyles and me after a day of kiting. Photo by Mike Doyle

Annie also charges waves of all sizes on a regular surf board and a SUP. She’s fearless. The only big wave gun I own, I bought from her – it came infused with her stoke and her bravery. It’s a magic board.

Annie Doyle Big Wave

Indonesia photo by Harry the Boat Captain


Annie charging in Indonesia and that’s the 8’6″ T-Boy gun she sold me. Photo by Harry.

Annie is also an award-winning Stand Up Paddle Board Race champion – she’s been a medal winner in all three Mike Doyle Los Cabos Classic Stand Up Paddle Races – taking 1st in 2010, 2nd in 2011, and 3rd in 2012. The only women who’ve beat her are full-time professional SUP racers! The training she does to race 12 miles on a SUP involves putting in a lot of miles. It was while getting in those miles that she started noticing a lot of big fish passing beneath her board. So she and Mike came up with a system so she could troll for fish using a hand line attached to her paddle. She’s so excited to get out there and catch breakfast that she’s been known email me at 4:30AM to tell me she can’t sleep from the anticipation! I wish I had half her energy!

So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy the article I wrote about my hero Annie and her incredible SUP fishing setup, Get Hooked on Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing.

9 thoughts on “Meet One of My Heroines: Annie Doyle

  1. Danke, Elsbeth! Or, for the rest of you in English: Thanks, Elsbeth! As Lisa’s former schoolmate I’m always happy to receive the newest pictures of her amazing family (whom I met the last time when Annie and her siblings were teenagers in San Francisco) … & I’ll forward some of them to our mutual friends in Germany.
    Let me know, Annie, when your husband prepares the next caught-by-you breakfast and I’ll hop over … Ingrid

  2. Annie is amazing!! Anyone who could keep up with Mike deserves an article written about her! Great shots of her charging some big waves. You should see she and Mike in the wintertime. They head for the mountains to carve up the snow. I’ve seen some incredible video of them both RIPPING!!!! Congrats on the write up!
    Don Craig- Old Guys Rule

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