Rainy Day Desert

The plan today was to post photos from an event that was attended last week. However the Blogger web site does not want to allow this activity today. Strange.

It is raining in the desert today, the third time this winter. Unusual for this region where it rarely rains. But the desert loves it and is looking bright green and vibrant with new growth. The wild animals and free range cattle, horses and donkeys are quite pleased as well because the extra rain means that the grass will continue to grow on the hillsides. Normally by this time of the year there is no more grass left and they have to make due with the leaves of desert plants. During years when little rain has fallen, the cows will resort to eating garbage including cardboard. I suppose they recognize that the cardboard is made out of cellulose, the main ingredient in plants. But still, it can’t be very nutritious, or tasty. It breaks my heart to see them eating such things.

So the rain brings the plants and it also brings the insects. More food for the birds and the bats! Within a few days of the rains, there are so many different types of insects flying around in the desert that it’s quite unbelievable. Little yellow sulfur butterflies sail by on the breezes and there are so many it’s as though it’s snowing butterflies.

A week after the rains, the moths and termites have hatched out and at night there is a flurry of activity around the patio lights. In the morning there is a big mess of wings and dead bodies to be swept up.

The desert plants start to flower within two weeks of the rain and there is an explosion of color dotting here and there. Reds, pinks, magenta and white. The cardon cactus, which is only found on the Baja Peninsula and in one area North of Puerto Vallarta, develops deep red flower buds that explode into large white flowers that are pollinated by bees, birds and bats.

The rain, like an elixir, wakes the desert from its slumber.



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