Muddy Waters

Running through the streets she saw that she was out of luck. The rain fell through the grates and into the sewers in great sloshing explosions of grey liquid putrid disgusting yawning flowing masses of vomit. There were cats there and dogs too. Pantry filled with vile bags of encrusting coral, like a reef. And jelly fish everywhere – great blue air-filled sacs of stinging, tentacle waving arcs of eating wands and small jello-like, clear undulating bodies with dark eye-like spots.

“What? What’s that you say?”

She turned around again to hear the sound of footsteps. Moving away this time. The dogs were there, the cats followed. And now the birds swooped down in great descending death-like spirals of black feathers. Brains with huge parts where ours are undeveloped. Senses completely stood on their heads.

They ran and ran through a desert filled with snow and then the rain came. And lightning without thunder. Filling the sky with light, making the whole world look like a discotek floor. Red liquid running down her throat, intoxicating and mellow-inducing, inhibition killing….like a gun, dead…right there on the floor, they die along with the music.

He had grey hair and an honest smile. Reaching across the table, he offered her an old black and white photo. She thought she recognized the people, and even the dog that were there looking back at her, as though it was yesterday. “Who….?” she began, but he waved the question away like a fly that was annoying him and his smile turned down to a serious expression. He handed her another photo…

The next day the sky was calm and she was too. The waves were lapping at her feet, and the sun, though it was not yet risen, woke her as it lit up the morning sky. It was clear now. And the only evidence of the insanity of the night before was a crumpled piece of paper in her hand and scratches etched in blood across her calves where the cactus had grabbed her like cats playing for keeps. The sun seemed to make it all seem like…Was it? Was it just a dream?


Tell me what you think. Seriously. I can take it.

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