Paradox and Purpose

Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny – he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally – you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you.


Osho was a 20th century Indian mystic who had a profound impact on the international community, particularly artists and the intelligentsia of the western nations . His teachings were discovered through the highly regarded photographic Dutch-Polish artist Michel Schulc Krzyzanowski, who frequents the region of Baja California Sur where life is lived much of the time. Osho is credited with having a profound influence on the artist’s life, turning it around 180 degrees. Naturally, there was curiosity to know the teacher of the artist who encouraged new thinking and writing.

And so the teachings of Osho were sought with his lectures on “Creativity” currently being read. In the hopes that, like the profound photographic artist, the dream of experiencing deep levels of creativity will be realized.

The dates on each entry to this blog indicate that it has been quite a long while since writing this blog. There are many reasons for this lack of productivity, but the bottom line is that writing has not been happening in the life of the aspiring writer. To her great dismay.

Blame could be laid at the feet of the heat – a summer that was so hot that the brain cells went on strike and the entire body’s energy systems seemed to be failing. Attempts at actions requiring any effort at all were invariably derailed by a sense of impending heat stroke. Followed by a heavy depression resulting from the sense of isolation and inaction, leading further to yet more inaction.

Or a preoccupation throughout the period could be presented as cause – what was an overwhelming sense of urgency to know what the purpose of this life is. A sense that the destiny of which Osho spoke has not been realized. A great questioning of the value of any writing that might be done now or in the future. This then, in addition to the heat and the depression, further paralyzed the writer from writing. Consumed by a fear that to think writing is the destiny is arrogant and foolhardy, way beyond the capability.

I’m pretty sure it’s been said here before:

Fear is a poor motivator.

During this period, the sense of needing to know what is the “calling in life” became like a nagging voice over which nothing else could be heard. The brain was filled with confusion and doubt and the white noise of wanting to know with certainty that the life would contain some meaning for someone other than the one living it.

And then an accomplished astrologer was met, serendipitously, who examined what “planetary aspects” might currently be the cause of the extremely heavy inertia experienced.

Yes, an astrologer. [it’s a science, you know]

After some consideration, he stated matter-of-factly, “all of your personal growth results from your love affairs.” Interesting, but not the stuff of destiny, or at least I don’t think so.

He then went on to point out that currently Uranus is squaring Uranus in my birthchart and Saturn is messing with all sorts of planets…big stuff, all related to the need to find the purpose in life. Precisely the preoccupation.

“You need music…in life, you need music to be balanced.” He explained he didn’t mean there was a need to play music, but that music was needed in the surroundings for personal balance. So, in the days that followed music was incorporated into the listening instead of news. It was noticed immediately that the mood improved. The mood enhancement likely also resulted from knowing that the heavy cloud of uncertainty that was weighing on my soul was not imagined but planetarily, astrologically induced.

The astrologer did however finish his reading with one rather heavy cautionary note:

“If you are not currently on the path to realize your destiny or find that path in this period, the rest of your life will lack meaning and be full of emptiness.”

Full of emptiness? Horrible. As was already stated, precisely the preoccupation, that at the end of life it would be seen to have been empty and void of any real meaning. Worse than horrible.

But the contradictory nature of his statement – “full” being the opposite of “empty” – illustrated something Osho delighted in pointing out to his followers:

Life is paradox.

In the days and weeks that followed meeting with the astrologer, a sense was had of turning a corner and the energy spent in finding the purpose in life ratcheted up a notch or two. It was recognized, for the first time without anxiety, that meditation is the only path to the truth that is the purpose of this life. The connection to the open soul induced through the act of meditating creates action with inherent purpose.

The writing begins anew, this time filled with a greater sense of purpose and an awareness of the paradox that is life.

More info on Osho can be found HERE.

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