Making it Last

Living in great isolation due to the condition of the road between here and town means that groceries must be bought with the goal of reducing the number of trips to town as much as possible. As the regular reader may recall, the road is a bone-jarring, washboard-riddled series of curves – very hard on the body and the car. Town at this time of year is searing hot giving the impression that you’ve entered hell.

When I first moved here from the cool temperate regions, I did not have AC in my truck. As a result the trip to town in summer would be a serious challenge of maintaining consciousness in the face of 110 degree temperatures. Thankfully, these days the Nissan Xterra has air and the trip can be made comfortably, reducing stress greatly.

I returned to Mexico last Sunday, the 12th of July, bought supplies and returned here to Las Vinoramas where our home sits on a knoll overlooking the beach and the Sea of Cortez. Because it was Sunday, my usual fruit and vegetable stand was not open. Basta! Instead I had to go to the large commercial megachain store called, naturally, Mega. The produce at these stores is not of as good quality as the small La Lizaraga vegetables stands and comes from much farther away. You can taste the difference. So the thought was that I would purchase only what was necessary for a week or eight days and then return to truly stock up on food this week.

Well, one thing led to another and I have still not returned to town 12 days later. First off, there were three invitations to eat dinner elsewhere. That made the vegetables last longer. Secondly, the heat has reduced the appetite considerably (a good thing because there are several pounds hanging around that are not welcome). Thirdly, I’ve decided to try to eat from the collection of food stored in the freezer and in the pantry. There are things in there that are old enough to start kindergarten this fall.

The apples are all gone, but there are still some pieces of fresh fruit as well as frozen fruit for making smoothies. The remaining broccoli and lettuce are still good thanks to Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags that extend the life of produce greatly. There is cauliflower, carrots, beets, cabbage, one yam, something that looks like a turnip, some rather large radishes, two Spanish onions, three pears and one plum in the fridge. In the freezer are mangoes, bananas, papaya, two kinds of pesto, marinara sauce from Uncle Cesare, frozen vegetables, cheese, leftover borscht and a strange vegetarian soy bean casserole I made at least two years ago that was not very good. In the pantry are untold riches…lots of pasta, rice, beans and many sauces.

So just how long can I last before making the trip to town to resupply?

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